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Our Difference

Invision Capital, is a middle market private equity firm providing “Flexible Capital” to facilitate buyouts, recapitalizations and growth investments in manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Invision Capital seeks to invest between $2 million and $50 million per investment. Targeted companies generally have less than $300 million in revenue and under $30 million in EBITDA.

Invision’s blend of experience makes us a preferred partner for management teams as our principals have held both finance and operating positions in middle market companies and, as such, we understand the challenges faced by management at a much deeper level than investors who have only sat at the Board of Directors level. We seek to collaborate directly with our management partners as peers, rather than as a control investor, and offer valuable assistance to them through our sophisticated financial and data analytics support. We believe that this level of analytical support for “business optimization” is often not accessible to middle market organizations, giving Invision the opportunity to drive meaningful value to the companies we partner with. In partnership with management, Invision has been able to successfully grow every business we have invested in and build long-term sustainable market leading companies.

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Inc. Magazine is pleased to announce that Invision Capital has been recognized as one of Inc.'s top Founder Friendly Investors for two consecutive years. The award was given to private equity and venture capital investment firms that entrepreneurs can trust and collaborate with while receiving the financial support they need to help accelerate growth. All Honoree firms have a successful track record of remaining actively involved in the businesses after their investment.

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