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Our Team

Robert Moore

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Moore is the Chief Technology Officer of Invision Capital. Mr. Moore brings over 26 years of technology experience to the team. In addition to his technology experience, Mr. Moore brings a consulting background to the team that leverages translating technology into business terms. Mr. Moore has served in many different capacities in his field from technical delivery, to requirements gathering, through project execution. The various roles allowed Mr. Moore to speak at different levels within organizations. Mr. Moore has experience in many business sectors such as manufacturing, finance and healthcare.


Prior to joining Invision Capital, Mr. Moore was an Executive Vice President at SPR Consulting where he worked with client leadership to develop solutions that met business needs and provided value to the organization. Mr. Moore has also participated in several startup companies where he was instrumental in building and leading delivery organizations while growing revenue in professional services, financial services, and CPG.


Mr. Moore hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.

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